EIB is a global supplier of design and support in substation and other energy projects for over 25 years. Our activities have since grown to include site services during erection, testing, commissioning and supply of low-voltage equipment.

We cherish strong connections within our group, celebrating excellence and self-development. We firmly believe this approach leads not only to satisfied employees, but maintains a high level of quality of work, and in turn, satisfied and returning customers.

A wide array of our international partners, and worldwide projects presents a continuous challenge, but also an opportunity to grow and learn.


The main scope of work focuses on electrical power plants, transmission/distribution utilities - high/medium/low voltage substations, electrical distribution systems and industry plants, our activities include:


• design calculations and equipment selection • technical specifications • single line and block diagrams • layout and section drawings, 3D modelling • schematic diagrams, terminal plans • various details (earthing, cable connections etc.) • other necessary documents Elektro-Inženjerski Biro’s long history of electrical design, production of documentation in envelops all stages, all levels electrical design, weather it is switchyards, substations, powerplant generator voltage installations, […]

Consulting and system analysis

CONSULTING SERVICES • bid evaluation • technical documentation and design checking • advisory services SYSTEM ANALYSIS • grid study • calculations of steady and transient conditions • problem detection and solution proposal  

LV Package

TURN-KEY LOW VOLTAGE PACKAGE • supporting our Clients from the beginning – starting with pre-bidding process – to the end of the supply process • quality of supply is ensured with our carefully selected partners • constant communication with our Clients, flexibility for implementation of updates during the ongoing design process, reduces overall supply time and ensure maximum adjustment to the Client’s needs • encasing […]

Factory and Site services

FACTORY INSPECTION • perparation of factory inspection protocols and factory inspection – FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) • checking and commenting of manufacturer documents   SITE SERVICES • preparation of instructions for erection • preparation of site test protocols, procedures and inspections – SAT (Site Acceptance Test) • supervision during erection • site testing and parametriyation • comissioning • operating and maintenance instructions • client training […]

Latest Posts

220 kV station in Morocco

220 kV station in Morocco

After much work, finally results are showing – 220 kV switchyard is in high level of completion, just finishing touches and it will be ready to transfer HPP Abdeloumen’s hydro energy into Morocco’s national grid.

First batch of LV panels – completed!

First batch of LV panels – completed!

EIB’s first batch of nearly 70 LV panels has been designed, scrutinized, parametrized, produced, tested in-depth and after we made sure everything is up to standards, they have been vacuum-sealed and prepared for shipping to their final destination in Benin.

550 kV Take-off yard in Laos – Erected

550 kV Take-off yard in Laos – Erected

Three years after EIB started design works on the take-off yard in a major hydro power plant in Laos, Xayaburi, the installation of equipment and structures is nearly completed. Visually most impressive, surely, is the 550 kV gantry, which ensures the connection to the two overhead lines. Its statue towering over the installation at over 40 meters height (when lightning rods are considered), it is […]


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